Photo: Sandra Weiergräber

As Dirk Schäfer publishes his first story it is so humble that the editor only prints it in a minor magazine. But, this only pushes him to greater heights. He’s burning for photography, and travelling…preferably on a motorcycle, for the maximum flexibility and freedom only a motorcycle can provide.

Today, Dirk Schäfer is one of the most recognized travel- and motorcycle photo-journalists. His works are published internationally and his travel reports regularly grace Europe’s biggest motorcycle magazine, while well-known motorcycle manufacturers rely on his pictures and texts. The magazine “Travel Time” states “… with his work as a photographer, Dirk changed the visual appearance of ride reports sustainably.”

His Live-Multimedia-Shows have been decorated with several awards for excellent photography and exciting narration, and together with Andreas Prinz, he directs travel movies. The world premiere of his latest film “Pyrenean Adventures” was recently held in Essen’s fully sold out Astra-cinema. 

Dirk Schäfer