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Pyrenean Adventures

They form a mighty barrier. 430 kilometres of granite separate two oceans, two countries: the Pyrenees.

Dotted with snow-covered 3000 metre high mountains, steep gorges and bold fortresses, they provide outstanding motorcycle terrain with narrow twisting roads and remote mountain tracks. The perfect ingredients for the new live report by Dirk Schäfer. Yet again, he pulls out all the stops. He has captured a thrilling 3000 kilometres of coastal roads, Tour de France stages and an unexpected desert, displaying riding fun, strange situations and a great sense of humour.

With superb aerial photography and exciting time lapses Dirk Schäfer has created a brilliant show not only for motorcycle riders.  More ...

Africa - From Namibia to Kenya


15.000 kilometres straight through Africa: Together with two French friends, Dirk Schäfer follows almost forgotten trails from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Namibias dreaded Skeleton Coast, legendary Victoria Falls and the continents highest mountain highlight the boys route. But they didn't consider the rainy season ...

Dirk Schäfer's new adventure cleverly combines Black Africa's history with motorcycle action and the self-mockery of modern travelers.
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Via Mediterra – The journey around the Med

The Mediterranean Sea is definitely more than beaches and holiday resorts, more than dolce vita and sightseeing. For nine months Dirk Schäfer, renowned photojournalist, went on a 40,000-kilometre tour around the Mediterranean Sea.  During his journey, which lead him to twenty-one countries on three continents, holiday feelings and adventures took turns just like the tides do.

Dirk Schäfer‘s Via Mediterra presents sensational landscapes and the fascination of motorcycle travelling as well as sensitive portraits of people living somewhere between Barcelona and Beirut. And it is in particular off the beaten track that he finds subjects and scenes that show the seemingly well-known Mediterranean Sea from its most astonishing sides: Take for example the only fjord of the Mediterranean or the volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. All of these new insights and the sheer incredible diversity of life on the Mediterranean shores make Via Mediterra one of the great journeys of our days.  More ...

Dirk Schäfer